Divorce Appraisals

It’s no question that divorces are difficult. Just like it’s no question that dividing assets is one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce. However, here at HAG appraisals, we try to make this process as painless and discreet as the situation entails. When you’re going through a divorce, if you share property, you’ll [...]

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Rennovation Appraisals

When it comes to your home, there are probably a few things you aren’t thrilled with. Maybe your kitchen isn’t large enough, or you’d like a finished basement, or you'd like to hire an electrician to update your home's lighting.  For whatever the reason, home improvement projects are becoming more popular.  Home projects are often [...]

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Reliable Appraisals

Finding an appraiser can be a hassle if your lender doesn’t already provide one. It can be an even bigger hassle if you need one right away. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need an appraiser fast. Know That It Isn’t Guaranteed [...]

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3 Appraisal Myths

It’s not every day you hear someone talking about the appraisal industry. Even those who have had to have an appraisal may not know the full details of what their report means or what an appraiser does. So here are a few common myths that appraisers come across when doing their work. An Appraised Value [...]

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Behind The Scenes

What goes on behind the scenes of an appraisal? One of our most frequent questions is how an appraisal works. And the truth is, that it differs from each company and each appraiser. Some appraisers like to work with the newest technology and programs; others prefer long-trusted equipment and face-to-face.Whichever way an appraiser likes to [...]

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Appraisals from A-Z

Describe an appraisal An appraisal report is an estimation leading to an opinion of value. The real estate appraiser will use a few “approaches,” typically three, to come to the estimation of market value. The Cost Approach is one of the approaches that appraisers use to find the value of a home. The Sales Comparison [...]

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The Appeal

When selling your home, you want the best price possible; the one that most closely meets the value of the home. Yet, as nice as your home might be on the inside, you may get some unexpectedly low offers. The reason this can often be broken down to the landscaping. Everyone wants a picture perfect [...]

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Appraisals 101

Appraisals are something most people have done at least once in their lifetimes – be it for home, assets, business, or emergency. If this is your first time, however, you probably have a few questions. Appraisals are a written value (usually monetary) or worth of an item. Items can range as small as jewelry and [...]

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