Fighting a Tax Assessment in Philadelphia

Fighting a Tax Assessment in Philadelphia Fighting a tax assessment in Philadelphia can be a challenging task; however, it may be a necessary one. If you received your Philadelphia property tax assessment and you are less than pleased with the number, you may be left wondering, should I dispute my property taxes? The answer may [...]

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6 Ways to Fund Your Home Renovation

A Guide for Funding Your Home Improvement Projects The average cost to completely renovate a standard kitchen in 2019 is $66,196. Are you remodeling a bathroom? Be prepared to pay $20,420 on average. New asphalt roofing? Look towards spending an average of $22,636. Upgrading your home is an investment that requires a level of financial [...]

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Low Appraisal Woes

Like other real estate matters, small numbers can be a problem for the seller/owner. A low appraisal can mean a lower listing price and a lower budget for the homeowners. So what should you do if you suspect your appraisal was too low? Start At The Beginning A low appraisal may come as a shock, [...]

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Philly Appraisals

Philadelphia is one of the largest populated cities in America. It boasts traditional, modern, and historical influences and dates as far back as the 1600’s. Because of all this unique city has to offer, you’ll want someone who really knows its charm and treasures to help you get the most from your home listing, or [...]

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Attic Space At Work

Every house has an attic, but if you're lucky enough to have one with usable space, you should put it to work. Storage Space Almost everyone could use more storage space. And we don't mean the "see how much you can cram in there" kind. Whether you choose to do built in storage or moveable [...]

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Home Value Types

Have you ever wondered what the value of your home is? Likely you’ve done a little research and gotten back more than you asked for. Navigating the world of home appraising and value can be tricky, and there are lots of different answers out there. We’ll break it down for you in quick, simple terms [...]

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Reading Your Appraisal

Every appraisal is different so reading them can be hard. If your last appraiser used a uniform report, you might notice the similarities in report, but if the appraiser has their own unique report, it’s easy to feel a little lost. Typically, the beginning of the report will have the basics: the property address, a [...]

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Zillow & Why To Rely On Appraisals Instead

Zillow is a house and apartment database that allows users to find perfect places in their desired location. It's great for pictures and hard information like size and number of bedrooms, but in the case of property value, it tends to fall short. A "Zestimate" is a property estimate based on their own calculations. While [...]

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A Divorce Appraiser You Can Trust

If you're a divorce attorney looking for a trustworthy, accurate, appraisal group for your clients, you've come to the right place. We've been working to give people top-quality services since 2011 and pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and efficiency for Philidelphia. Divorces can be messy, stressful, and hard. We understand. When doing an appraisal [...]

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3 Tips for Divorce Appraisals

Going through a divorce is the last thing most people expect to deal with in their lifetime. But life happens. Here at Home Appraisal Group, we offer confidential, quick, and reliable divorce appraisals for anyone going through this process. There are just a few things to keep in mind when you’re getting this appraisal: The [...]

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